Our goal is to optimize your landing pages so that when a prospective client type your keywords into the search engines google, bing or yahoo, that your page is positioned on page one.  Page one Dominance is possible as well.

We study your competition using a myriad of tools available online and many software products designed for this purpose which show us who they are and where they are located in the search results.  If for instance we can look at page one of google search results for your keyword and analyze the top 10 competitors pages, we are closer to finding out why they are ranked and positioned on the first page of results.

For instance, by looking at the “meta-tags” on your web pages, specifically the “meta-description” tag and the “meta-title” tags, and comparing them to your competition we can learn a lot.  The number of times you use your keywords in both tags in comparison to the top 10 can tell you volumes about where you currently stand.  Some web sites for instance have the same “description and title” tags on every page in their website.

Our company can verify where you are currently ranked, analyze your current web site, and effect changes that allow you to place higher in the search rankings.

SEO also has a lot to do with authority.  It is kind of like determining whether you want to listen to Einstein or your neighbor about relativity.  If other web sites link to your web site because you have relevant information, current information and original information on your site, the search engines have a feeling that you may be relevant to the keyword or “Anchor Text” you are using to point users to your articles of interest.  The more authoritative web sites are  that link to you, or point to your articles or blogs, the more important your website will be.

Remember Google and Bing and Yahoo, Alibaba, and the hundreds of other search engines want their customers, you, to be happy when they search for information using their search engines.  If you do not find what you are looking for easily each time, you will probably go use another search engine that gives you the information you want, quickly.  Therefore, the search engines look for specific “keys” and “pointers” that give them an edge in providing you with what you are looking for.  The perfect answer to your question.

SEO is the art of learning how to “give”  the search engines what they so desperately want.  Our optimization of your website makes sure that your website is just a little better than all the rest.

We would like to work with you on making your web site enjoy the benefits of page one placement for your search terms through thorough keyword so that you can monetize the numbers of people searching for your products or services, via research and robust systems to push you to the top.

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